Tom Hirst likes the NFTs
Tom Hirst likes the NFTs.

NFT Consultant UK

I'm a UK based NFT consultant and strategist helping businesses capture additional value from their most loyal customers.

Are you looking for:

  • Someone to explain how your business can leverage NFTs?
  • A strategic go-to-market plan for your upcoming NFT project?
  • Someone with the connections to build and launch an NFT project for you?
  • An audit of your existing NFT project to identify blind spots and fix them?

You're in the right place.

Why does my business need NFTs?

NFTs introduce scarcity and ownership to digital assets providing a pathway to the monetisation of your brand affinity in new and exciting ways.

Your business has built non-tangible good will over time that you can capitalise on with NFT technology. You could be leaving money on the table if you don't consider what value NFTs can provide to your customers.

The NFT playbook is being written as we speak. If you own intellectual property you can tokenise it.

If you want to:

  • Reward your customers in a cost effective way with digital assets
  • Capture additional value from your most loyal fans
  • Become an industry leader by adopting NFTs early
  • Gate content and/or sales behind token ownership
  • Build further brand affinity through digital art

I can provide actionable insights your business can start using today.

What does Tom Hirst know about being an NFT Consultant?

I'm a developer with my finger on the pulse of cutting edge technology and a consumer with my finger on the pulse of culture. I'm a clear thinker, strategic planner, programmer, marketer and writer.

I like building and launching projects end-to-end. From strategy, to implementation to iteration. Having owned a clothing line business, alongside running a web development consultancy for 12 years, my unique history proves relevant in the web3 world of NFTs.

I'm an active collector of NFT art and I'm a member of influential communities and DAOs within the space. This makes me a good fit to be your NFT consultant, if you're in the UK or beyond.

In short, I know what makes a good NFT project and I can help you make one.

What are some example NFT projects my business could run?

With an NFT consultant, you could run:

  • A set of 10,000 randomly generated on-brand avatars for fans to use on social media
  • A collection of art pieces with significance to your business' story
  • A digitally ticketed access to an event your business plans to run
  • A loyalty programme where tokens are distributed to members as rewards
  • A community that requires ownership of a branded NFT for access

If any of these suggestions sound useful, or you have a specific idea, get in touch so we can discuss together.

Ready make your NFT project a success?

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12 years in the digital sector

I've worked on projects for some great names with great people:

At the cutting edge, yet down to earth

My clients trust my expertise and find me easy to work with:

Henning Hovland
We have appreciated his technical advice. I can really recommend working with Tom.–  Henning Hovland, CTO at Dekode
Hillevi Røstad
Tom is structured, accountable, timely, stable and easy to talk to. I would recommend working with him to anyone.–  Hillevi Røstad, CAO at Dekode

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