WordPress Site Auditor, Tom Hirst
WordPress Site Auditor, Tom Hirst

Need A WordPress Site Audit?

If your WordPress solution isn't up to scratch, you could be leaving money on the table.

A WordPress Site Audit from me will arm you with the knowledge to improve your website's performance and increase its business returns.

Get the WordPress advice, support and peace of mind you need by ordering your WordPress Site Audit today.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to speed up your WordPress site and make it faster as it takes too long to load.
  • You'd like to know how to improve your WordPress site's on-site SEO.
  • You have had issues with the security of your website.
  • The admin area of your WordPress site is difficult to use.
  • You have what feels like an excessive amount of plugins installed and you don't even know what some do.
  • The mobile experience of your site is putting customers off.
  • The codebase for your custom theme or plugin is proving difficult to manage.
  • Shipping new features is painful for your team.

Then there's no doubt that your WordPress site could be better utilised by your business.

A WordPress Site Audit from me will give you the map you need to get there.

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How it works

  • 1 Place your order using the form below.
  • 2 I'll send you a detailed questionnaire focused on me getting to know your business and your WordPress struggles.
  • 3 You'll send me the relevant access I need to properly audit your website. Things like git repositories, FTP details, etc.
  • 4Using my decade's worth of expertise, I'll spend time reviewing your WordPress site in detail. I'll cover everything from performance, to security, to code structure.
  • 5I'll compile my findings into a custom document full of clear, actionable improvement points for you and your team.
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WordPress Site Audit contents

My WordPress Site Audit contains (but not limited to, depending on your specific use of WordPress) the following topics:

Initial Thoughts

First impressions count.

While my WordPress Site Audit is primarily technical, I'll advise on the overall design, layout and user experience of your site off the bat.


The biggest source of frustration for a user is when your website takes too long to load.

I'll tell you how to improve performance from the easy wins, to the more complex tasks.


Everyone should be able to access your website equally, regardless of what hardware they're using or any impairment they have.

I'll compile a list of areas where your site's accessibility can be better.

Code Structure

I'll ask for access to your codebase so I can review it's organisation.

Your audit document will include enhancement suggestions for stylesheets, HTML, PHP and JavaScript (where used).

Dependency management

Do you rely on 3rd party dependencies in your project? I'll show you how to manage these more effectively.

Version Control

All software projects should be version controlled and a WordPress project is no exception.

If you already have a version control system in place, I'll review this and advise on upgrades. If you aren't currently version controlling, I'll set you up with a plan.

Deployment Strategy

How are you testing new features? How are you going live with them? How do you roll back to a stable version when things go wrong?

Going without a well thought out deployment strategy is a huge risk when your business relies on your website. I'll tailor a deployment strategy to suit your needs.


WordPress sites get hacked. I'll show you how to protect yourself with a security checklist for your project.

On-Site SEO

I'll teach you how to put in place best practice on-site SEO when creating content for your WordPress site.

Future roadmap

As well as a summary of the findings of my investigation, I'll show you where to start by arranging these in order of priority.

You'll get a list of actionable improvement items specific to your site.

I won't just include the shortcomings of your existing solution, but a roadmap for iterative improvement moving forward.

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It's time to order your WordPress Site Audit

Total investment: £4950 + VAT

Order now to gain the knowledge to:

  • Iron out any existing bugs.
  • Make your WordPress website faster.
  • Ensure your site is secure.
  • Reduce plugin and code bloat.
  • Structure your pages in the best way for SEO.
  • Adhere to accessibility best practices.
  • Manage your codebase more effectively.
  • Deploy changes and new features safely.
  • Plan strategically for the future of your WordPress project.

Stop leaving money on the table with a poorly optimised business website once and for all.

Projects from £5000
We can get started right away!


Who would benefit most from a WordPress Site Audit?

Anyone using WordPress for their web presence looking to make it the best it can be.

After I send payment, how quickly will the process start?

I'll send you an email with the questionnaire right away.

As soon as you fill this in and send it back to me, along with your site's access details, I can get to work.

Can I share the review document with my team and others?

Of course. Once I've handed over your WordPress Site Audit document, you're free to share it with whoever you like.

I'll never share any information from your review without consent.

Can I hire you to action the findings of my audit?

I'd be delighted to oversee the plan for improving your website through to development depending on my availability at the time.

You're not tied to using my development services when purchasing a WordPress website audit.

My review documents are structured clearly for any developer or agency to be able to use.

I have a specific question about a WordPress Site Audit, how can I get in touch?

Please send me an email with any queries you have. I'll be happy to answer them.

About Tom Hirst

WordPress Development Consultant Tom Hirst in Oslo

I've been in the technical WordPress space for over a decade providing advice, support and peace of mind to individuals, start ups and businesses of all sizes.

In this time I've been trusted to work on WordPress projects for the likes of the NHS, Facebook, Umbro and TGI Fridays.

I've helped hundreds of people improve their WordPress websites and their businesses as a consequence.

I can help you next.

Brian Frolo
Frankly speaking, you want people like Tom on your team.–  Brian Frolo, WordPress Design Agency Owner
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