Tom Hirst, your freelancing mentor.
Tom Hirst, your freelancing mentor.

Freelancing mentorship for getting you ahead.

I teach people how to get paid what they're worth, work smarter and find balance through freelancing.

Whether you're a new freelancer, long-time freelancer or looking to make the switch, I can put you on the right path as soon as you enrol.

The Mentorship Process

1 Understanding

I get to know you. Your current situation, what your skills are and what you're struggling with. This allows me to deliver specific actionable advice for your development.

2 Direction

You'll get clear direction from me on what to do to improve your circumstances. I'll teach you everything that has brought me freelancing success, and with it, greater balance to my life.

3 Support

As you progress on your journey, I will support you every step of the way. No problem is too small or too large. You can be confident moving forward with me on your team.

4 Success

You'll be a better freelancer. My mentorship will have you ahead of the game. You'll have the knowledge to get paid what you're worth, work smarter and find balance through freelancing.

Could You Be A Better Freelancer?

Right now, are you:

  • Finding it difficult to market yourself?
  • Struggling to attract well-paying clients?
  • Unsure how to price your products and services?
  • Lacking confidence in project negotiations?
  • Working lots of hours to make a living?
  • Unfulfilled due to a lack of choice in what you do?
  • Prone to procrastination and wasting time?
  • Conflicted between your work, family and social lives?
  • Having problems finding balance?

I've been there. So I changed things by improving my freelancing game.

And that's how I know I can get you ahead too.

Jordan Gilroy
Through Tom’s mentorship I’ve been able to earn a lot more without over-working myself.–  Jordan Gilroy, freelance graphic designer

How My Freelancing Mentorship programme Can Help You

When I mentor freelancers, I teach the things that have brought me success during the last ten years.

You'll also get to learn from my mistakes, before you make potentially costly ones of your own.

I consistently make a great living from my freelancing business.

I do this working from home, or wherever I choose, four to five days per week.

All with the freedom to enjoy quality time with my family, have an active social life, travel at my leisure and take care of my health.

And that's how I know the things I teach work. Because I'm the proof.

Through my freelancing mentorship you'll learn to be better at:

  • Marketing yourself
  • Getting paid what you're worth
  • Being time efficient
  • Finding focus
  • Prioritising self-care
  • Winning higher value projects
  • Client communications
  • Obtaining fulfilling work
  • Running a solo-business
  • Achieving balance
Richard Voller
48 hours in from joining Tom's mentorship programme, I'm already more focused and have made big changes to my working life.–  Richard Voller, digital marketing consultant

Do You Want To Be A Better Freelancer?

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My Story

I'm a long-time freelance web developer who loves helping others get ahead by sharing my experience.

Tom Hirst with Steph Hirst in Spain.

That's what makes my mentorship different. I'm still a freelancer.

I teach exactly what I do to make a great living from freelancing each month.

My freelancing techniques are current and relevant to the market right now.

For over a decade, I've been freelancing remotely for companies around the world.

I've worked on projects for the likes of the NHS, Umbro, TGI Fridays and BMW.

But I didn't always have great clients who pay well, a flexible work routine and control of my day-to-day life.

It's taken years of work to build a successful freelancing career and find a healthy work/life balance alongside it.

I'd love to share what I've learned with you so that you can apply it to your circumstances and improve them.

Gaya Kessler
Tom made me see that I was worth more than I sold myself for. Sharing experience is very valuable and Tom is really good at it. Recommended.–  Gaya Kessler, freelance JavaScript developer

It's the reason why I started my mentorship programme.

Because I wish I had someone to provide this insight to me; before I started freelancing, in the early days and further on in my career.

I'd have been a better freelancer in a shorter amount of time.

And that's what I want to make you: A better freelancer.

I want to help you get ahead as a freelancer through my mentorship.

Abi Sonpar
Tom helped me to focus, take action and understand the importance of being consistent. I highly recommend his mentorship programme.–  Abi Sonpar, SEO consultant

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£undefined per month. Cancel at anytime.

I can't wait to start this journey with you.

As soon as you enrol, you'll get instant one-on-one email access to me so we can begin making progress.

My freelancing mentorship is an investment in your future that requires ongoing effort and commitment.

If you're serious about improving your freelancing, start your mentorship now by filling out the enrolment form.

Let's start making you a better freelancer today!

I do not store any credit card information. All transactions are handled by Stripe.
On successful enrolment you'll pay £ straight away, with a further £ each month until you cancel. No refunds will be offered. You can manage your account by logging in with your chosen email address and password here: manage account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your freelancing mentorship programme for?

My mentorship programme is suitable for all freelancers, contractors and solo-business owners who are committed to being the best they can be.

This includes people who are currently in full-time employment looking to go it alone. I can guide you through that switch.

I've helped graphic designers, illustrators, web developers, software engineers, marketers, copywriters and journalists become better freelancers.

How much does your freelancing mentorship programme cost?

My mentorship programme is priced at £ per month.

My aim is to give big value at an affordable price. I want my mentorship to pay for itself many times over through the guidance you'll receive.

Sarah Jee Watson
Tom is great at explaining things in a helpful and insightful way. Finding a good mentor is one of the best business decisions I have ever made.–  Sarah Jee Watson, freelance UI designer & UX consultant

When will payments be taken?

On successful enrolment you'll pay £ straight away, then £ for each month of your mentorship onwards.

For example: If you signed up on 1st January 2020, you'd pay £. Then £ again on 1st February 2020, £ on 1st March 2020 and so on.

Is payment secure?

Yes. Absolutely.

All payments are handled and processed securely over HTTPS by Stripe. I do not hold any credit card information.

How do you mentor?

As soon as you enrol, you'll receive an email containing my freelancing mentorship questionnaire.

Your replies will allow me to get to know you and your business.

From here I can start providing direction specific to improving your current circumstances via email.

I use written communication because this is an essential skill of any freelancer.

Being able to express yourself clearly in written form is vital to your progress.

The more we converse, the better you'll get. By becoming a better writer you'll become a better freelancer.

What does your freelancing mentorship cover?

Everything about helping you thrive as a freelancer.

Alexander Bach
Tom asks those 'how come I didn't think of that' questions that actually make a difference.–  Alexander Bach, digital strategist

Are there any limits?

There is no limit to the amount of emails you can send me each month. Contact me whenever it best suits your schedule.

What do you expect from me?

I mentor people with accountability firmly in mind.

There is no point in working with a mentor if you're not going to stick to the plan we put in place together.

While you can expect to receive understanding, support and direction from me, I expect full commitment from you.

Can I upgrade my freelancing mentorship?

Yes. I understand that in some instances you may wish to dive deeper into certain critical topics.

While my standard mentorship will get you all the answers you need, we can definitely arrange video calls too.

Send me an email and we'll work something out.

Can I cancel?

Absolutely. At anytime.

I only want people enrolled who are getting value from my mentorship.

You can cancel a subscription from your account page by logging in with the email address and password you enrol with.

As soon as you've cancelled, payments will no longer be taken.

I have a question that isn't listed.

Please feel free to send me an email. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Are You Ready To Be A Better Freelancer?

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