About Tom Hirst

I'm a web developer, business owner, author, creator and mentor working with people around the world from my home office in Wakefield (near Leeds), UK.

Tom Hirst on-site with a client in Oslo

I've grown up with the web.

Starting with a 56K modem and an after school coding course, the internet and building websites grabbed my attention.

My entrepreneurial streak was encouraged from a young age via my parents' investment in my first ever business; selling Pokémon cards at car boots sales.

Programming became my passion and working for myself became the goal.

I first discovered WordPress in its infancy while studying for my degree in multimedia and communication design at Sheffield Hallam University.

A blogging platform only at the time, I saw the potential of WordPress and stuck with it.

WordPress has now become the go to content management system for millions, powering almost 41% of websites on the internet.

Tom Hirst with Steph Hirst

Armed with my WordPress expertise and the desire to run my own company, upon graduating from university I started my WordPress freelancing business aged 22.

As my web development career progressed, I picked up additional programming languages and honed my business skills.

I followed the industry's movement towards JavaScript.

This knowledge has become imperative in WordPress development and the way modern websites and applications are built.

Pairing WordPress with JavaScript (specifically Next.js) to build super fast headless WordPress websites has proven to be of high value to my collaborators.

Alongside running a successful WordPress consultancy, I gained digital marketing experience by way of the clothing line I founded (and then sold) with a friend.

Tom Hirst with Bruce

A decade in business later, I've partnered on digital projects for the likes of the NHS, Facebook, Umbro, TGI Fridays and BMW, to name a few.

Being an effective remote worker, I've delivered results for clients based in the USA, Australia, throughout Europe and across the UK.

In addition to building things for the internet, I continue to pursue my interest in business and marketing through my writing.

Having been a freelance WordPress developer for a long time, I find it incredibly fulfilling to help others get ahead by sharing my experience.

I write regularly for my blog, to my mailing list subscribers and to my Twitter followers about the business of freelancing.

My mentorship programme for freelancers, focused on teaching people how to get paid what they're worth, work smarter and find balance, has helped 10s of self-employed professionals around the world get ahead since it's launch.

In April 2020, I released my first book on the topic named, 10 Steps To Becoming A Better Freelancer.

Tom Hirst in Dubai

In July 2020, I released my second book, Pricing Freelance Projects.

In February 2021, I released The Personal Website Playbook. A video course teaching all I know about creating a successful personal website.

To grow my WordPress consultancy business beyond myself, I launched headless WordPress agency, Run The Show in March 2021.

Away from my desk I like to promote a balanced lifestyle. I'm a gym goer, Barnsley Football Club regular, food lover and keen traveller.

I live with my wife Steph and daughter Ruby in the Sandal suburb of Wakefield where we enjoy taking advantage of the Yorkshire countryside by walking our dog, Bruce.

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