About Tom Hirst

I'm a 32 year old web development consultant in professional digital for over a decade. I work with businesses around the world from my home office in Wakefield, near Leeds, UK.

Tom Hirst on-site with a client in Oslo

I've grown up with the web. Starting with a 56K modem and an after school coding course in my mid-teens, the internet and building websites grabbed my attention.

I first discovered WordPress in it's infancy while studying for my degree in multimedia and communication design at Sheffield Hallam University.

A blogging platform only at the time, I saw the potential of WordPress and stuck with it.

WordPress has now become the go to content management system for millions, powering over 34% of websites on the entire internet.

Armed with my WordPress expertise and the desire to run my own company, upon leaving university I started my WordPress business aged 22.

Some 10 years later, I've partnered on WordPress projects for the NHS, Facebook, Umbro and TGI Fridays, to name a few.

Away from my desk I'm a gym goer, Barnsley Football Club regular, food lover and keen traveller.

I live with my wife Steph in the Sandal suburb of Wakefield where we like to take advantage of the Yorkshire countryside by walking our springador, Bruce.

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