I'm a freelance Next.js developer!
I'm a freelance Next.js developer!

Freelance Next.js Developer

I'm a UK based freelance Next.js developer working with clients worldwide to build fast websites in React.

Landing on this page, I guess you know what Next.js is already:

  • A JavaScript framework for modern front-ends based on React
  • "The React Framework for Production"
  • Super fast hybrid static and server rendering
  • Consumes daa from any back-end you wish to use

Now you've found your freelance web developer who knows Next.js!

Why hire a freelance Next.js developer?

If you want a website that's:

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Light-weight
  • Modern
  • Future-proof

Then Next.js is the framework for you.

If you want your website built by someone who:

  • Is trusted by businesses large and small
  • Will give you a fixed price for guaranteed completion of your work
  • Is personable, forthcoming with suggestions and easy to work with

Then I'm the freelance Next.js developer for you.

What does Tom Hirst know about being a freelance Next.js developer?

Next.js has become my go-to solution for creating performant front-end web experiences.

I've been working as a freelance web developer for over a decade and I believe that JavaScript is the way forward for website development.

This is why I've invested heavily into building sites for business using Next.js.

As an experienced remote worker, I've partnered with clients across the UK, the USA, Europe and Australia to work on their Next.js projects on a freelance basis.

I come trusted by companies large and small, having worked on websites for the likes of the NHS, Facebook, BMW, Umbro and TGI Fridays.

I take on all aspects of Next.js website development on projects of all sizes. Whether your project is small, medium or large, I can be your freelance Next.js developer.

I already have a CMS - can you develop a Next.js front-end for me?

100%. I can build a best in class Next.js website for you around your existing content management system.

We can use multiple data sources or APIs to build your Next.js site too.

Blog content from WordPress, eCommerce store powered by Shopify? We can bring those systems together in a singular Next.js front-end.

Can you build a back-end for us to use with Next.js too?

Absolutely. I'm a full-stack developer.

We can use WordPress, Contentful, GraphCMS or similar, allowing you to manage your own content.

Can you develop a Next.js website for us start to finish?

Yes. I can handle your website requirements from beginning to end.

This would include planning, research, design, back end and front end development using Next.js.

Also including rounds of improvement and aftercare after your website has gone live.

Ready to start your Next.js project?

I'd love to work with you on your Next.js project. Give me the details by filling out the form below:

Projects from £5000
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I've worked on websites for

I'm experienced, trusted and easy to work with

Hillevi Røstad
Tom is structured, accountable, timely, stable and easy to talk to. I would recommend working with him to anyone who is on the lookout for a stellar senior developer.–  Hillevi Røstad, CAO at Dekode

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