Headless WordPress Developer, Tom Hirst
Headless WordPress Developer, Tom Hirst

Headless WordPress Developer

I pair WordPress with modern JavaScript technologies to create fast, secure and accessible websites.

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What is a headless WordPress developer?

A headless WordPress developer is someone who takes a modern approach to building websites on WordPress.

This approach can be defined as using WordPress as the back end and data source for a website alongside a JavaScript front end.

Common front end frameworks used in headless WordPress development include React, Gatsby, Next.js and Frontity.

Why take a headless WordPress development approach?

Everyone knows how great WordPress is.

It's been around a long time, familiar to millions and makes it easy for people to manage their website's content.

There are however, things that WordPress doesn't do as well out of the box.

Choosing a headless WordPress approach for your website helps to solve these things.

Performance, security and accessibility capabilities are all enhanced.

Who doesn't want a fast and safe WordPress website that's easy for everyone to use?

Why hire me as your headless WordPress developer?

I've been working with WordPress for over a decade.

Since modern web developments' move towards JavaScript - and WordPress' via Gutenberg - my primary focus has been to discover ways to pair both tools to deliver best in class websites for my clients.

As a seasoned remote worker, I have delivered successful projects for clients in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and beyond.

I come well trusted and recommended having partnered on WordPress solutions for the likes of the NHS, Facebook, TGI Fridays, Umbro and BMW.

WordPress VIP agencies hire me for my WordPress and JavaScript knowledge on a development and consultancy basis.

I don't just work with big brands and VIP agencies!

I'm happy to discuss all headless WordPress development projects, large or small.

Can you make my existing WordPress site headless?

Yes. I can take your existing WordPress website and build a modern front end for it that will have all of the same benefits as a from scratch headless WordPress project.

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Henning Hovland
I have had the pleasure of working with Tom over the last year. Both in projects for clients and in product development Tom has been a great asset, solving tasks with precision and quality. We have appreciated his WordPress, JavaScript and React skills, plus his technical advice. I can really recommend working with Tom.–  Henning Hovland, CTO at Dekode

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