Tom Hirst is a technical web3 consultant
Tom Hirst is a technical web3 consultant.

web3 Consultant UK

I'm a web3 consultant in the UK who educates businesses, brands and individuals about the possibilities of blockchain technology.

Are you looking for:

  • Someone to explain how your business can leverage web3?
  • A go-to-market strategy for your upcoming web3 project?
  • Someone with the connections to plan, build and launch an web3 project with you?
  • An audit of your existing web3 project to identify problems and fix them?
  • A second opinion on the technical aspects of your web3 or blockchain project?

Where ever you are in the world, I can help.

What can web3 do for my business?

web3 is the next phase of the internet powered by blockchain technology. While the technology is fledgling, there web3 can help drive revenue for your business and deepen connections with your fans, today.

You now have new forms value creation at your disposal with web3. Imagine being able to reward your loyal customers with desirable digital products or giving them a stake in your endeavour itself. The token economy of web3 puts exciting new possibilities at the your business' fingertips.

As cryptocurrencies, blockchains and web3 go mainstream, you may be leaving money on the table if you don't carefully consider the benefits.

If you want to:

  • Get ahead of your competition by adopting web3 early
  • Experiment with digital asset projects at any scale
  • Provide additional value for your most loyal fans
  • Add a web3 based revenue stream to your business
  • Build customer affinity using tokens

I can tell you exactly what you need to do to start introducing your business to web3, today.

Why is Tom Hirst a reliable web3 consultant?

The web3 space is new. There aren't many experts around. So what makes Tom Hirst a reliable partner to consult with?

As a long-time full-stack software engineer, I've been delivering digital projects for over a decade. After a successful time in web2, in 2021 I went all in on web3.

I've submerged myself in web3 technology, news and culture since and have contributed to projects ranging from NFT launches to DAO initiatives to DeFi protocol engineering since.

My process is strategic. I'm a clear thinker who absorbs the sector and translates that information into actionable advice for my clients.

Alongside my strategic work, I'm an active member of many prominent NFT communities and DAOs in the space. I'm an active collector of NFT art and I'm a member of influential communities and DAOs within the space. This gives me a rolodex of web3 contacts we can call on to further assist with your project if required.

To summarise, I know what makes a good web3 project and I can help you make yours one too. Here are some links that you might find interesting for further proof:

What are some example web3 projects my business could run?

I can help you plan, create and deliver the following:

  • A PFP (profile picture) project of 5,000 randomly generated avatars for your fans to use on social media
  • A collection of art pieces with significance to your business' story
  • Digitally ticketed access to an event your business plans to run soon
  • A loyalty programme where tokens are distributed to members as rewards
  • A community that requires ownership of a branded token for access

If any of these suggestions sound useful, or you have a specific idea, get in touch so we can discuss together.

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Helping businesses succeed on the internet since 2009

I've worked on projects for some great names with great people:

At the cutting edge, yet down to earth

My clients trust my expertise and find me easy to work with:

Henning Hovland
We have appreciated his technical advice. I can really recommend working with Tom.–  Henning Hovland, CTO at Dekode
Hillevi Røstad
Tom is structured, accountable, timely, stable and easy to talk to. I would recommend working with him to anyone.–  Hillevi Røstad, CAO at Dekode

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