I'm a freelance Gatsby developer!
I'm a freelance Gatsby developer!

Freelance Gatsby Developer

I'm a UK based freelance Gatsby developer working with clients around the world to build blazing fast websites.

If you've found this page, the chances are that you already know Gatsby is:

  • A modern JavaScript front end framework
  • Based on React
  • Super fast
  • Usable with any back end

You were looking for a freelance web developer who knows Gatsby and now you've found one!

What does Tom Hirst know about being a freelance Gatsby developer?

I've been working as a freelance web developer for over a decade and in the last few years have turned my focus towards Gatsby.

It is my belief that modern JavaScript is the way forward for website development, which is why I invest my time heavily into building sites for people on Gatsby.

Clients from across the UK, the USA, Australia and Europe have all hired me on a freelance basis to deliver best in class Gatsby websites.

Having partnered on web development projects for the likes of the NHS, Facebook, BMW, Umbro and TGI Fridays, I come experienced and trusted.

I take on all aspects of Gatsby website development on projects of all sizes. Whether your project is small, medium or large, I can be your freelance Gatsby developer.

I have a data API - can you develop a front end for this using Gatbsy?

Absolutely. Gatsby is perfect for this.

We can even build a Gatsby website using multiple data APIs or data sources.

Can you build a back end to work with Gatsby too?

Yes. I have full-stack development experience.

I can build you a headless content management solution using WordPress, Contentful or similar.

Can you develop a finished website using Gatbsy on the front end?

I can handle your website requirements from start to finish.

This would include planning, research, design, back end and front end development using Gatsby.

Plus rounds of improvement and aftercare after your website has gone live.

Ready to start your Gatsby project?

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Projects from £5000
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I've worked on websites for

I'm experienced, trusted and easy to work with

Hillevi Røstad
Tom is structured, accountable, timely, stable and easy to talk to. I would recommend working with him to anyone who is on the lookout for a stellar senior developer.–  Hillevi Røstad, CAO at Dekode

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