Pricing Freelance Projects
Using value realistically to know what to charge and get paid what you're worth.

Pricing Freelance Projects

Pricing Freelance Projects is the story of how I priced myself to a six-figure yearly freelance career from scratch.

Everything that I've learned in over a decade of pricing real-world freelance work is in this book.

If you want to know:

  • What to charge for your work
  • Which pricing methods work best
  • How to get paid what you're worth

Then Pricing Freelance Project is for you.


I posted a Twitter thread summarising my expertise in pricing freelance projects and it went viral.

At the time of writing, the thread has received 37,100 likes and 11,200 retweets.

My message has been seen over 3,000,000 times by people.

Its content has been re-worked and re-posted around the world.

I’ve had countless messages of thanks and praise for sharing my super-condensed version of 11 years+ in pricing freelance work.

I’d already thought about writing a book on pricing for freelancers, but this response was the catalyst. I had to write this book.

I’ve made it my mission to understand pricing deeply to get paid what I’m worth throughout my career and this makes me a great living from freelancing year on year.

Pricing Freelance Projects is not "just another value-based pricing system".

This book shows you how to understand, raise and retain your value on a per-project basis.

This book teaches you how to apply value realistically to know what to charge and get paid what you're worth.

This book expands heavily on the Twitter thread that freelancers loved.

This book contains everything that I know about pricing freelance work and there's a ton of value in it for you.

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You'll Learn

  • How to get a handle on pricing your work with confidence
  • About the real-world projects that helped forged my success as a freelancer
  • Why typical approaches to pricing aren't always the best
  • The methods that I use to earn more money in less time
  • How to start thinking with a value mindset when giving prices
  • How to increase, raise and retain your freelance value
  • What clients are thinking when they look for valuable freelancers to hire
  • The pros and cons of every popular pricing methodology for freelance work
  • The system that I use to protect myself from giving bad prices
  • How to use value to know what to charge
  • How to use value to get paid what you're worth
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Praise From Readers

Aleyda Solis
Wow! By far the best book I’ve read about pricing consulting services.–  Aleyda Solis, SEO Consultant
Tom Hoadley
Reading this book will save you time and earn you money.–  Tom Hoadley, Freelance Front-End Developer
Anyi Ndongko
Give this book a read! The wealth of knowledge shared is applicable to you - wherever you may be in your freelancing journey.–  Anyi Ndongko, Freelance Creative Designer
Dan Spratling
Using the advice from this book I made more money in my first month freelancing than I did from my last month of salary.–  Dan Spratling, Freelance Web Developer
Jordan Gilroy
After 3 years of freelancing, I thought I had pricing my work figured out. Turns out I didn't. Game changer.–  Jordan Gilroy, Freelance Graphic Designer
Reiz Ariva
This superb book isn't just about how to price your work as a freelancer, but also how to know your worth as a professional in general. Get your worth and value in order.–  Reiz Ariva, Freelance SEO
 Andra Zaharia
Tom makes excellent points and provides tons of truly actionable tactics. 10/10 would recommend!–  Andra Zaharia, Freelance Content Marketer
Daniel Zettl
I'm highly recommending this read not only to freelancers but to every value-creator out there!–  Daniel Zettl, Senior Animator at Riot Games
Jacob Lett
I highly recommend this book to any freelancer looking to build confidence in their pricing structure.–  Jacob Lett, Freelance Developer
Gaya Kessler
Even when you feel comfortable with what you charge, this book will give you the insight to improve.–  Gaya Kessler, Freelance JavaScript Developer
Suganthan Mohanadasan
If you're a freelancer and struggling to price your services, go and buy this book.–  Suganthan Mohanadasan, Freelance SEO Consultant
Kyle Prinsloo
Every current and beginner freelancer should invest in this book. I highly recommend it!–  Kyle Prinsloo, Freelancer and Teacher
Burkhard Stubert
I wish Tom's book had been available 7 years ago when I started freelancing. It would have saved me from many mistakes.–  Burkhard Stubert, Independent Systems Consultant
Paul Metcalfe
Every freelancer who wants to maximize their income should read this today–  Paul Metcalfe, Freelancer
Toby Osbourne
I genuinely believe all freelancers should read this.–  Toby Osbourne, Software Engineer

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Book Sample

Click here to see a 13-page sample from the PDF version of the book.


  1. Synopsis
  2. Introduction
  3. The Problem With Pricing Freelance Projects
  4. The Fallacy Of Pricing Freelance Projects
  5. A Focus On Value
    1. The Meaning Of Value
    2. The Benefits Of Using Value To Price
    3. Obtaining A Value Mindset
    4. Gauging Value
    5. How Value Informs A Freelancer's Price
  6. Value For Freelancers
    1. Increasing Baseline Value
    2. Increasing Differential Value
    3. Providing Added Value
    4. Value Retention
    5. Value Detection
  7. Value For Clients
    1. Business Outcomes
    2. Bought Time
    3. Value Indicators
  8. Perceived Value
  9. Actual Value
  10. What's Fair
  11. Pricing Methodologies For Freelancers
    1. Hourly Billing
    2. Daily Billing
    3. Fixed-Pricing
    4. Value-Based Pricing
    5. Retainers
  12. Supplementary Pricing Assets
    1. Estimates and Quotes
    2. Proposals
    3. Pre-Projects And Discovery
  13. The Best Method For The Job
  14. Beyond The Method
    1. Your Bottom Line
    2. Deposits
    3. Knowing Your Market Position
    4. Assessing Your Circumstances
    5. Understanding Your Prospect
    6. Risk And Price
    7. Trust
    8. Safety Money
  15. Getting Paid What You're Worth
    1. Justifying Your Price
    2. Credibility
    3. Confidence
    4. Knowing Your Worth
    5. Negotiation
    6. Raising Your Price
    7. Experimentation
    8. The Right Price
  16. Pricing Preferences
    1. Rules From A Decade Of Pricing Freelance Projects
    2. Setting Your Pricing Preferences
  17. The Reality Of Pricing Freelance Projects
  18. Acknowledgements
  19. References
  20. Appendix
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Free Updates For Life

Purchase of Pricing Freelance Projects comes with free updates for life.

Any time I make an edit or addition to the book, you'll get it at no further cost.

Money-Back Guarantee

I only want your money if Pricing Freelance Projects provides you with value.

If within 30-days of your purchase you find no value inside, send me an email and I'll refund you.


Who is this book for exactly?

Pricing Freelance Projects is for freelancers, people thinking about going into freelancing, consultants, companies of one, entrepreneurs, people running small-agencies, graphic designers,animators, illustrators, web developers, software engineers, writers, journalists, marketers, SEOs and more.

It's for anyone who does client work, anyone who sells services or products and anyone with an interest in how value informs price.

Does buying this book guarantee success?

Pricing Freelance Projects is the story of my experiences and I don't guarantee that you will see the same level of success.

Applying this knowledge requires individual effort and is dependant on your specific circumstances and other external factors.

Have a specific question?

Send an email to with the details, I'll be happy to help.

What Now?

Now's your chance to get a decade's worth of knowledge for a fraction of the cost that the lessons learned could earn you.

If reading this book gets you a higher price on your next project, it pays for itself.

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