The Personal Website Playbook

The Personal Website Playbook

If you work or spend a lot of time online, you need your own website.

It's your modern-day CV and gateway to a pipeline of opportunity:

  • Leads for work that come to you
  • Revenue across multiple income streams
  • Valuable opportunities from interesting people

Your personal website should be the centrepiece of your
marketing strategy in 2021.

Do you want to know how to put together a good one?

Let me show you the playbook.

The price goes up to $49 on launch: 1st February 2021

Who am I and what do I know?

Teacher of The Personal Website Playbook, Tom Hirst
Teacher of The Personal Website Playbook, Tom Hirst

I've been using my personal website to generate interest in my services for years.

This very website provides fuel for my six-figure yearly freelance career.

It's been tweaked, modified, tested, added to and removed from in this time.

Leaving me with 100s of valuable lessons learned in what makes personal websites successful.

This is what my inbox looks like most months:

Leads in my inbox

278 leads from 7,012 clicks in 2020; all organic, no paid ads.

My website traffic in 2020

The biggest lesson learned of all?

When your personal website is good, you need less traffic than you think.

And because your personal website is good, you can increase results by driving more traffic at any time.

The first step is putting together a good personal website.

And that's what this course is all about.

Pre-order the video course now for $24

The price goes up to $49 on launch: 1st February 2021

What you'll learn

Across 13 high-quality video modules you'll learn:

  • Why having a personal website opens you up to
    opportunities from all angles
  • How to choose the best tools to assemble your personal website
  • How to structure your pages to increase conversions
  • The style and layout strategies that get your content seen
  • Which pages to include and what to show on them
  • How to gain trust through your personal website that gets you work
  • How to position your personal website to gain an audience 
    that will buy from you
  • Why messaging raises personal brand awareness and how to
    create yours for your website
  • How to write convincingly to encourage people to get in touch with you
  • How to craft offers that present value effectively to get leads 
    and make sales
  • The tactics I use to drive relevant traffic to my personal website
  • Methods to monetise your personal website from different sources simultaneously
  • How to test your personal website's performance and improve it over time

Specific modules to be announced.

Pre-order the video course now for $24

The price goes up to $49 on launch: 1st February 2021

Kind words from buyers

No brainer deal
This is a must have!
So excited about this
Launch my new site
My website needs improvement
It's always valuable learning from Tom
Pre-order the video course now for $24

The price goes up to $49 on launch: 1st February 2021


Do I need to know how to code?

No, because this is not a technical course.

I won't be teaching you how to code, because there are already 10s of courses out there that will.

My strength is helping independent workers market themselves and this is what The Personal Website Playbook teaches.

Choosing the platform for your personal website isn't the biggest hurdle; knowing how to get results from it is.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who:

  • Works online
  • Freelances
  • Consults
  • Creates
  • Has a personal brand
  • Wants to raise their profile

I recommend that you have time to commit and think long-term. Compounding happens over time.

Did you pay for ads to get traffic?

I've never paid for an ad to this website.

When will the course be released?

The course will be released on 1st February 2021.

What will the format be?

Slides and demonstrations taught by me on video.

All downloadable and with free updates for life.

What if I don't like it?

I'm creating The Personal Website Playbook because there isn't enough quality content on this topic out there.

If you're worried this course will be of poor quality, should you find no value inside when it launches, I'll happily process a refund for you.

Pre-order the video course now for $24

The price goes up to $49 on launch: 1st February 2021

What next?

The Personal Website Playbook

Now's your chance to stop procrastinating on your personal website.

You do good work and have big ideas.
So let people know about it.

The Personal Website Playbook will give you clear direction and help you feel in control of your marketing.

Launching or levelling-up your personal website can get you a shot you wouldn't have otherwise had.

Open yourself up to a pipeline of opportunity.

Click the button below now!

Pre-order the video course now for $24

The price goes up to $49 on launch: 1st February 2021

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